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Shannon Forster on her Kidlit “Love Grows and Grows: A Blooming Story for an Extended Family”

Immediately upon looking at the gorgeous cover of Love Grows and Grows: A Blooming Story for an Extended Family, we knew that we had to have Shannon Forster highlighted on our podcast. We were honored when she agreed to an interview. 

In our exciting interview, Shannon talks about creating her children’s book Love Grows and  Grows that is helping so many families. Her story shows that ALL types of families are special! She also talks about how she created a calm and peaceful environment for her kids after becoming divorced and a single mother.

Be sure to tune in and hear all about Love Grows and Grows, a must have” book for all co-parenting and blended families after a divorce!

About the Author

Love Grows and Grows: A Blooming Story for an Extended Family

Shannon Forster author interviewLove Grows and Grows is a flourishing story for an extended family that illustrates a healthy and collaborative approach to shared parenting. Designed as hybrid flowers of humans, the characters themselves are a metaphor for growth and evolution towards love. The story follows the young siblings Flora and Leaf as they move into a new and unknown life between two homes: one with mom and one with dad and his new wife. Their journey highlights the challenges associated with the creation of extended families: a child’s concern to meet someone new and, finally, choose to accept and embrace this person as part of their secular family. With love and patience, we see a mother and stepmother represent a wonderful example of how to put their children first, working together to create a mixed family with happy and confident children.

This example of unconditional love is what allows Flora and Leaf to adopt a new definition of the typical family and cultivate a new “normal” that benefits all involved. I am honored that critics have already deemed Love Grows and Grows to be “revolutionary”, referring to my work as “one of the most beautiful stories ever told”. While the book refers to expanding families post-separation, the lessons taught here are applicable to all contemporary family dynamics. Love Grows and Grows in an invaluable resource to anyone who is uncoupling and has young children.

This book introduces the reader to all of the good that can emerge from what may seem like yet another challenge of a lifetime– welcoming a new co-parent into a divorced family unit. This book has become a priceless tool useful in accompanying a child through his or her journey of becoming a blended family.


Love Grows and Grows is sold on Amazon, and Shannon’s website:  Lovegrowsandgrows.com

To buy your copy of Love Grows and Grows: A Blooming Story for an Extended Family, visit  https://amzn.to/2UX0cRd


In this episode of the Reading with Your Kids podcast, You’ll find out

  • How did Shannon come up with the idea for Love Grows and Grows

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