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RWYK  Author Interview – Oggie the Otter by Alissa McClure

Hey everyone, we’re ELATED to welcome our guest Alissa McClure to this episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast.  Alissa is a mother to five kids, a teacher, and a children’s book writer. She is joining us today to talk about her latest children’s book Oggie the Otter, a charming story about a picky eater named Oggie.

In our exciting interview, Alissa talks about her path to becoming a published author, What made her decide to write for children, What do children seem to find most appealing about Oggie the Otter, her upcoming book and much more.

We’re so excited to introduce Alissa’s book with our listeners and we hope you and the children in your life will enjoy this book. It is Alissa’s wish that this can open up a dialogue between parents and children whether it’s about food or about another issue. We hope Oggie will bring more joy into your life!


About the Author

Alissa McClureAlissa McClure is a mother of five fantastic kids, a few of whom are picky eaters. She lives with her wonderful husband and children just outside of Houston, Texas. She is a perpetual big sister and teacher and shares helpful things she’s learned along the way on her blog To learn more or to join in the conversations with other mothers, visit her there. She’s even created a downloadable ebook specifically for picky eaters with ideas from awesome moms who are in the trenches of motherhood right now.


More about Oggie the Otter

Oggie the OtterThe otter family has a problem: little Oggie only wants to eat orange foods. His mother does not understand and she tries to convince him to taste different foods–foods that children usually love–but Oggie is not interested. Frustrated and on the verge of giving up, his mother has a brilliant idea. Both Oggie and his mom learn that when they change their perspectives, great things happen.

A heartwarming, relatable story of a mother and son that can be enjoyed by picky eaters and foodies alike.

Grab your copy of Oggie the Otter today for a fun read with your picky eater!


In this episode, you’ll find out

  • Alissa tells us a bit about her children’s book Oggie the Otter and what inspired her to write it?
  • What’s her best advice for parents who have a picky eater and how to deal with it
  • What kind of message would Alissa want readers to take away from her book
  • What’s next for Alissa? Is there anything else she’d like to share & much more….


We would like to say a huge thank you to Alissa for doing this interview and we are very excited to see what she does next!  We hope you have enjoyed listening to this episode and be sure to keep your eye out for her future books.

To download a FREE printable Activity Booklet and learn more about upcoming stories, you can find her blogging as Ali McJoy.

P.S: Visit Alissa’s website and enter the coupon code “Jedlie” for free shipping




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