Meet “The Cat & The Lion” by Shaina L. Simmons

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In Conversation with Shaina Lynn Simmons, an actress, writer, poet, multi-media artist and now a Kidlit author of “The Cat and The Lion”

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Today on the podcast, we’d like to introduce you to Shaina Lynn Simmons. Shaina is a New Orleans-born, LA-based multimedia artist. As the creator and a writer for and contributor for HuffPost, Shaina cultivates spaces for analytical writing, love, and acceptance.

Shaina is joining us on the podcast to talk about her wonderful new picture book series The Cat and The Lion! It is a children’s book series that will follow The Cat through the rich African American history and culture of New Orleans. Explore Tremé, Congo Square, and the Zulu Krewe in depth as the journey continues.

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About the Author

Shaina L. SimmonsShaina is also a RYT 200 yoga instructor and certified meditation instructor. She received her Masters of Acting from the California Institute of the Arts.

Internationally, Shaina has produced work at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Ludwig Foundation, and Fabrica de Arte. Nationally, her highlights include directing at REDCAT, presenting work in the DC and New Orleans Fringe Festival, Emerging Artist Theatre, the Hammer Museum, and at the Historic Playmakers Theatre as the 2017 Curatorial Fellow at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.
Visit Shaina’s website to discover her books, learn about her writing, read author blogs, and more!
Her personal website:

More about The Cat & The Lion

The Cat & The LionA young kitten with eyes as cute as buttons was separated from his family during a hurricane. He wanders the busy but lonely streets of the French Quarter searching for a home. The Cat and The Lion explore the magical culture of New Orleans. Through the eyes of a stray kitten on a quest to find a home, this tale reveals what it means to find courage in New Orleans. Written by Shaina L. Simmons


For more information visit:

Grab your copy at Amazon:


In this interview, Shaina Answers the following questions

  • What does “The Cat and The Lion” is all about?
  • Being a multimedia artist Shaina had an opportunity to express herself through other mediums so why did she decide to write a children’s picture book to express herself?
  • Influence of mentor in Shaina’s life?
  • The illustrations of “The Cat and The Lion” is unique. Shaina shares a little bit about the illustrator.
  • What other things can a family talk about as they are reading The Cat and The Lion together?
  • When does Shaina see the next book in The Cat and The Lion series coming up?


Thanks for agreeing to this interview, Shaina. We wish you all the best with “The Cat and The Lion“!


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