Come join us on “The Adventures of Grandma Charlotte!”

Come join us on “The Adventures of Grandma Charlotte!” post thumbnail image

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Jedlie In Conversation with Marla Stahl, writer, and creator of Woof books – “The Adventures of Grandma Charlotte!”

Hey everyone,

We have a very special episode for you today!

Our guest today is Marla Stahl, a Mom, writer, and educator of kindness. In our deep conversation, Marla introduces us to her brand new children’s book titled The Adventures of Grandma Charlotte! Marla further talks about her inspiring books about rescue dogs, teaching animal kindness and altruism.

Marla launched Woofboooks with her first Children’s book called “Can Sugar come out to play” and has since then published four more books “The Adventures Of Grandma Charlotte”, “Mason The Ambassadog”, “Lucy The Amazing Wonder Dog”, and “Sugar Goes To The Dentist”.

Tune in to learn more about the story of each of her books and how they came to light.  She also suggests, through her own story and stories of her mom and friend, Charlotte, that we can create, be daring and adventurous at any age!



About the Author

Here’s a Link to Marla’s website for more information about her books

The Adventures of Grandma Charlotte! 

The Adventures of Grandma Charlotte!Come hang out with the coolest grandmas in town! Grandma Charlotte and her best friend, Grandma Shirley, have very different ideas of what an “adventure” is! They will make you smile and giggle, and they might just inspire you to have your own adventures! There is an educational section in the back of the book guiding readers to learn more about the places mentioned in the story, and to explore their own way of doing something meaningful in the world, just like Grandma Charlotte does.


Click the Amazon link below to grab your copy today to learn more about The Adventures of Grandma Charlotte!



In this episode of theReading with Your Kids Podcast, you’ll find out:

  • More about Marla Stahl and The Adventures of Grandma Charlotte!
  • What inspired Marla to write this book?
  • How did Marla enjoy the experience of turning her ideas and inspirations into a children’s books?
  • What kind of conversations parents and children can have after reading
  • Marla gives us a peek inside her upcoming books & some interesting facts about her other books.
  • Where can people find more information about Marla’s books?



A big Thank you to Marla for doing this interview! We’re so cheerful to pass on her amazing books to our listeners and we hope you’ll check out more of her books in the future!


If you haven’t already done so, listen to this episode & feel free to share it by using the social media buttons at the bottom of this page. We would LOVE if you could leave us a review on iTunes.

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Have great Friday listeners!

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This episode of the Reading with Your Kids podcast is sponsored by Roll On Books by Dr. Connie Tate. To find out more about all the three children’s books that Dr. Connie Tate has written so far: Roll onSylvester’s CAT-astrophic Tale and Scooter Boy,

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