Mia, the Monster of Fear & the Fairy of Courage: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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Mia, the Monster of Fear & the Fairy of Courage by Cynthia Sanders: #RWYK Certified Great REad – Book Review

Congratulations to Cynthia Sanders!

Mia, the Monster of Fear & the Fairy of Courage by Cynthia Sanders is our latest Certified great Read!



MIA THE MONSTER OF FEAR AND THE FAIRY OF COURAGE This story is about a small girl named Mia, who doesn’t believe in herself and doubts herself. She doesn’t believe she can do or be anything. The Monster of Fear convinces her she can’t do anything and she starts to believe in him until the Fairy of Courage comes to her and makes her believe in herself again. She shows & tells Mia, she can be anything she wants to be and never doubt herself. She shows Mia a dream that she can do anything & Mia believes her and throws away the Monster of Fear and starts to feel confident in herself thanks to the Fairy of Courage. Mia now believes she CAN do anything and be who she wants to be.


A note from the author

CYNTHIA SANDERSHello everyone, I am a 25 year old woman and a first time book author of my children’s book Mia, the Monster of Fear and the Fairy of Courage. I am originally from Stockton, California but I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have been living in Nevada for 13 years now. I have always had passion for writing since the age of 12 and began writing poems until I found my drive into writing teen drama stories. I just wanted to promote my first book published ever and it’s my FIRST children’s book at that. I never thought of writing one, but once I got sick I started to doubt myself and not believe in myself again. So, I felt a children’s book would be more relatable and realistic to children feeling that same way & parents understanding their children better. I am a avid reader but I have always loved to write since I was in middle school. I went to an accredited school named Milan Institute and studied Pharmacy Technician. I have been in a 4-year relationship, and now I’m getting back into writing



Fear is a normal part of a child’s growth and it can creep up on your kids when you least suspect it. Mia, the Monster of Fear & the Fairy of Courage is a book that parents can turn to as they help their little ones better cope with their worries.

In this book, written by Cynthia Sanders, kids will discover what makes The Monster of Fear to show up, while learning that, in these moments, The Fairy of Courage will always be a great help. This gentle, comforting story follows a little girl named Mia who is about to embark on her first day at a new school. Starting a new grade is both exciting and loaded with anticipation for Mia. She constantly worries about fitting in and making new friends. To make the matter worse, The Monster of Fear befriends Mia and advises her to make all the wrong choices, such as not talking to her teacher or classmates. Mia looses her self confidence and is convinced that it is easy be nothing. Just when Mia is about to give up on her dream, The Fairy of Courage shows up and reassures Mia that she can be anything she wants to become if she truly believes in herself. Mia finally decides to confront her worst fears – what happens next is truly inspiring and provides both children and parents with REAL practical life tools for facing and conquering their fears! The illustrations are natural and expressive, bringing the text to life just perfectly.  Can Mia make new friends and also stay true to herself?

Parents and caregivers use this book as a tool to open up a discussion about fear with their child, teach them valuable coping strategies and help them better understand what fear is. With an engaging story and vibrant illustrations, The Fairy of Courage shows children how to cope with their fear and believe in themselves.

A beautiful picture book which can be uses as a great conversation starter for children about to start school.




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