Skipper: Friend or Foe? by Kellie Sanchez: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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Skipper: Friend or Foe?: A Distracting Mystery within Life’s Traumatic Events by Kellie Sanchez – Book Review – RWYK Certified Great Read

Congratulations to Kellie Sanchez!

Skipper: Friend or Foe? by Kellie Sanchez is our latest Certified great Read!



Skipper: Friend or Foe?: A Distracting Mystery within Life’s Traumatic EventsMichael is leading what seems to be a pretty normal life for a happy twelve-year-old boy—and then the unthinkable happens. His mother gets cancer. Michael’s dad takes a job out of town because the treatments are so costly. It is the only way they can afford her treatments. Suddenly, Michael is no longer a carefree kid but his mom’s caretaker. When a new friend convinces Michael to follow a mysterious adventure, Michael learns that it is not all up to him to take care of his mother. It is okay to have fun even through some of life’s toughest issues.

As an educator and mother, author Kellie Sanchez put her twenty years of experience working with children into writing Skipper: Friend or Foe? A Distracting Mystery within Life’s Traumatic Events. A coming-of-age mystery novel for preteens and teens, Skipper is notable for boys. Uniquely exploring a boy’s emotional viewpoint, Sanchez helps children who are going through tough times. Their feelings, whatever they are, are normal—and Michael shows them that.


About the Author

Kellie Sanchez was first published as a freshman in high school. She now teaches English at Nowata High School in Nowata, Oklahoma. She has several certifications and degrees in English, Education, and Business Administration. She has worked with and around children for the past 20 years. She encourages reading with her students as fundamental to a good education. Writing has always been a passion and she uses this passion to help the next generation with difficult life situations.
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Our Review

Skipper: Friend or Foe? by Kellie Sanchez is a thrilling mystery adventure story with contemporary themes, perfect for boys and girls and teenagers, aged 9 to 14. A story about friendship, family, loss, bravery and overcoming adversity.
The story follows Michael, a twelve-year-old boy who lives with his parents and a younger sister in a beautiful town of Nowata. Michael lives a pretty happy and peaceful life with his family until his mother is diagnosed with a cancer. The news of his mother’s illness leaves Michael and his little sister, Jennifer shattered and heartbroken. The thought of losing his mother due to this illness makes Michael sad. He is worried, angry, confused and lonely. He feels helpless but decides to take control of his emotions by putting his energy into taking care of his mother.
Michael’s world changes when his mother introduces him to Samantha, a eleven year old girl who uses cane for her injured leg, and rides a funny looking pony named Sugar. Samantha and Michael find friend in each other when they become mystified by the disappearances of Skipper, a mysterious golden retriever dog.  Where does he go? And why does he keep reappearing?

Their quest to solve the riddle over the summer holidays leads to a dead body of a grey cat surrounded by some animal hair, missing kittens of that cat, and some more clues that help them resolve this mystery. Will they find the Skipper? Is he a friendly dog as Michael had expected him to be or is he responsible for killing the cat?

The conclusion of the story is open ended, not revealing whether or not Mummy makes a full recovery. However the book ends on a happy note with everyone feeling less worried and happy. The story also acknowledges that this is a very difficult time for the children’s father – he has to cope with extra household and family duties and at the same time is worried about his wife. This is when Michael comes to his father’s rescue by helping in the household chores.

Final Verdict

A wonderful page turner, a thrilling read with intriguing plot twists, Skipper: Friend or Foe? is the perfect read for children and teens who love a gripping, action-packed adventure mystery. Kudos to the author for exploring the complicated and sometimes contradictory emotions that children can feel when they have a loved one with a serious illness.

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