My Daddy’s Hat

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My Daddy’s Hat

Inspiring Reading With Your Kids Podcast Interview With Mister Reggie – Reggie Walton

Inspiring. If I had to describe Mister Reggie, Reggie Walton, with one word it would be inspiring.

Reggie Walton is a college professor. He is also a relationship coach. And he is the author of the just published and very inspiring children’s book “My Daddy’s Hat.”

On the surface this may just look like a picture book that talks about the different hats dad’s wear to work, a chef’s hat, a firefighter’s helmet, a pilot’s hat. But it is so much more. This book is a great way to talk to kids about different career paths, to empower them with the knowledge that they can dream and can achieve their dreams.

During our conversation we veered off track ever so slightly and talked about the young people he encounters as a college professor. “So many of these young people will tell me ‘I am in college because that is what I thought I was supposed to do. They have no idea where they want to go and do after graduation.” I suggested that he might put “My Daddy’s Hat” on the required reading list for those college students.

There is also an important message for any dad who may be reading the book, a reminder of how important they are in the lives of their families. Like many people Reggie is frustrated with the way many dads are portrayed in popular media. He believes it is vital to get dads more involved with their families.

You absolutely want to get to know Mister Reggie and his new book “My Daddy’s Hat”

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