Kids Wanted!!!

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Kids Wanted

The Reading With Your Kids Podcast is looking for some great kids to be on our show!!!

We are looking for kids who love to read to appear on our podcast!!! Here at Reading With Your Kids we are all about helping families grow closer together through reading, cooking, exercising and doing all sorts of things together. We are off to a great start. We have had some amazing authors on and have a growing international audience.

Now we want to start talking to the real experts when it comes to kids’ books, KIDS!!!

We are looking to interview kids via skype to talk about their favorite books.

Obviously kids who are outgoing and well spoken would be great potential guests, but we are also willing to interview kids who might be a bit shy, especially if it could give them a boost to their self esteem.

If you know a young person who might be interested in being on our show please send us a message through our contact page, or send an email to [email protected]


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