RWYK Interview: The Return of Sanghamitra Dasgupta

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Reading With Your Kids Podcast Welcomes Back Illustrator Sanghamitra Dasgupta

Happy Tuesday everyone,

We have a wonderful show for you today! We’re extremely excited to welcome back Sanghamitra Dasgupta, illustrator of Love That I Matter by Jedlie and so many other children’s books. Stay tuned to catch all the fun!

Sanghamitra is an award-winning illustrator (and now, an author!) based in Kolkata, India. Sanghanitra has written 4 books for kids and she is joining us to talk about her books, what inspires her illustrations and her message for all the aspiring illustrators out there!


Here’s a note from Sanghamitra Dasgupta

 Sanghamitra DasguptaI am a comic artist with 26 years of cartoon sketching. I am also innovative and highly creative who is good at thinking out of a box when it comes to solving the problem. Mac is my very first book as an author. As a child I always very fond of ghost stories,so I thought to use my imagination and make a cute little ghost for the kids,and here it is,the “Mac” and the second book- “The art of Sanghamitra Dasgupta” it is a book of my most favorite concept arts which I did. After that, I launched an activity and coloring book and rhyming book for kids.

Click the Amazon link below to connect with Sanghamitra and be sure to check out her books!


How can readers, authors, and other book professionals connect with Sangamitra Dasgupta?

Visit her Amazon:




In this episode, we discuss

  • How many books has she illustrated so far?
  • What made her want to be an illustrator?
  • Sanghamitra was recently nominated for the Padmashree award for the year 2020? How does she feel?
  • A typical children’s takes about a year to get published. How long does Sanghamitra take to illustrate one book?
  • How important it is for an illustrator to market themselves and their work.
  • Sanghamitra shares some of the marketing strategies to promote her books, and much more


A big thank you to  Sanghamitra Dasgupta for joining us and for sharing her wonderful stories with us!


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  stay tuned!


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