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Meet Award-Winning Children’s Author – Daniel M Warloch

Hello listeners, Welcome to iTunes #1 kids & Family podcast!

Please welcome Daniel M Warloch to the Reading With Your Kids podcast. Daniel is the author of more than 14 children’s books so far and he is joining us today to celebrate his latest release The Key To Survival (A Jake Hollywood adventure). Daniel has been awarded children’s author of the Month in the May issue of Wildfire Magazine.

In this exciting interview, Daniel talks about “The Key to Survival”  which has also been nominated for the 2018 Readers Choice Awards contest by TCK Publishing. We hope you enjoy his interview as much as we did recording it. Be Sure to Tune In!


A note from Daniel M Warloch

Daniel M Warloch - Award Winning children's authorHi, my real name is Michael Rowland and I love writing children’s short stories and novels.

I worked in the printing industry for 50 years working with ‘Blue Chip’ clients such as British Telecom, Avon Cosmetics, and British Gas, to name just a few.

I live in the Wirral close to Liverpool with my wife of over 40 years, June. I have two grown-up sons and two grandsons.

I write my children’s work under the pen name of Daniel M Warloch because as you will see from the list of books, I wrote -9/11: Official Complicity and I didn’t want to associate a serious novel with children’s, and that is the reason I use a pen name.

Apart from writing children’s novels and short stories, I am a Service Provider for Autism Together, working part-time with people, young and old on the Spectrum.

The Key To Survival (The Jake Hollywood Adventures) 

The Key To SurvivalThe story begins when twelve-year-old Jake Hollywood finds an envelope on his way to school one morning. Unexplainably, he feels it is drawing him towards it, and he bends to pick it up. And then it happens… Just as he touches the envelope, a stream of white light bursts from it, blinding him.

He hears a cacophony of distant sirens, and a thunderclap so loud it shakes the earth beneath him. And when Jake finally plucks up his courage, he discovers a newspaper inside the envelope: TITANIC SINKS FOUR HOURS AFTER HITTING ICEBERG…. Moments later, he finds himself in the bowels of the ill-fated ocean liner, and over a hundred years in the past. Armed only with the knowledge of what will happen if he does nothing—and a mysterious key he finds in the maze of corridors—Jake has to try to save the ship and himself while being chased by someone who will do almost anything to stop him.

So book your ticket, board the doomed ship, and find out if Jake will be able to change history, or find out why he was chosen to be transported back in time, as the Titanic crosses the Atlantic Ocean, on its way to New York…. But even if he does both, will Jake Hollywood ever manage to return to the present?

Visit Amazon to check out the book, read reviews and buy your own copy!


In this episode, you’ll find out

  •  Daniel talks about The Key To Survival, describes the characters & storyline
  • When and why did Daniel start writing?
  • What has influenced/influences his writing?
  • Daniel’s publishing process for his books & his experiences about approaching a publisher when he started out
  • What’s next in the pipeline for Daniel Warloch & more…Happy Listening!


You can discover more about Daniel Warloch and his books by visiting


Write to him: [email protected]


A big Thank You to Daniel for talking to us and sharing his books with our listeners!



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