RWYK Interview: “I Will Always Love You” by Melissa Lyons

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Author Melissa Lyons discusses “I Will Always Love You: A Journey From Grief & Loss to Hope & Love”

Hello everyone!

We, at Reading with Your kids Podcast strongly believe that reading present opportunities to teach children important lessons and today, we’re delighted to have Melissa Lyons on the podcast. Melissa is an award-winning author, speaker & entrepreneur whose message & methodology has made it possible for thousands upon thousands of people to press pause and recognize the positive within any situation.

Melissa is joining us to talk about her process of writing, her books, and her picture book I Will Always Love You: A Journey From Grief & Loss to Hope & Love”Losing a loved one can have a deep impact but I Will Always Love You is an uplifting and comforting book for anyone that has lost a loved one. Although a children’s book, adults alike are inspired to feel the light this book shines into the hearts of those who read it.

In this episode, get to know Melissa,  Discover how her own life experiences shaped her books, Take a peek inside her books, And find out the secrets behind her creative processes. Get your cup of coffee ready, and let’s get started!

Here’s more information about Melissa Lyons

Melissa LyonsAllowing a dream to unfold…

For as long as I can remember, I have desired to comfort people and help them identify and achieve their goals. Most of us are caught in the web of worry over the issues and problems we face daily. Some of us have experienced loss of loved ones, loss of employment or other setbacks. I believe the key to living joyously is to deliberately discover the power of conscious living and being in the moment. I am able to provide clarity and support thanks to a radical sabbatical from work which should have been three months but morphed itself into thirty months ultimately becoming a voyage of discovery and enlightenment.

During this journey, I experienced a genuine download of wisdom and one tangible result is my book, ‘I Will Always Love You’, which deals with loss but is actually about living fully and whole-heartedly. Encouraged by reactions from readers and audiences who acknowledge that ‘I Will Always Love You’ is revolutionizing the way people look at life, living and loss, I am focused on teaching how to cultivate trust, so we are empowered to live our lives with gratitude and joy. In addition to bringing ‘I Will Always Love You’ and its messages to the world I am currently working on ‘I Love You Already’ and ‘I Still Love You’ to add to the series of ‘Loving Guidance’ stories and lessons.


Finally, where can we find more about Melisa & her books?

Her website:

Connect with her on Social Media 

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I Will Always Love You: A Journey From Grief & Loss to Hope & Love

I Will Always Love You: A Journey From Grief & Loss to Hope & Love “I Will Always Love You” is a simple, thought-provoking and deeply moving story that takes minutes to read and can last a lifetime in your heart. The intention of this book is to bring peace and comfort to those who have lost a loved one or experienced some type of personal loss. It offers hope and a sense of knowing that our loved ones could be somewhere happy and free. It reminds us that our deliberate choices can alter the way we respond to loss and can have the power to bring us a sense of joy and the transcendence that lifts us to a higher place of living. Perfect for children and adults, this unique book is unlike anything available on the market. When words are difficult to find and comfort is needed, I Will Always Love You is a heartwarming gift.

I Will Always Love You is available on Amazon!


In this episode

  • You’ll learn more about I Will Always Love You & Until We Meet Again
  • How Melissa ended up being a children’s book author & the inspiration for her work?
  • Where do the ideas for Melissa’s books come from?
  • What is she currently working on & more…

A big thank you to Melissa Lyons for joining us and for sharing her amazing books with us!


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Hope you have a wonderful day!


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