Meet ONE BIG BULLY by Tracy Blom!!

Meet ONE BIG BULLY by Tracy Blom!! post thumbnail image

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RWYK Author Interview with Tracy Blom – ONE BIG BULLY

One Big Bully by Tracy Blom

Hey everyone, Today we’re thrilled to introduce our listeners to a very talented debut picture book author Tracy Blom! Her book, One Big Bully has been recently released. It is a rhyming book that combines both the character of Pinocchio and the subject of bullying all into one. We’re excited about her book so we decided to sit down and get to know more about her beautiful book, what inspired her to write One Big Bully, her writing process, her life experiences as an author and how it helped her in writing this book, upcoming projects and much more.

If you love meaningful picture books, vibrant colors, and bulls, this is an interview which you will definitely want to listen. So grab a cup of hot chocolate, tune in and let the conversation begin!

About Tracy Blom

Tracy BlomTracy Blom grew up in Cincinnati Ohio and currently resides in New Port Richey, Florida with her husband and two rescue dogs.
As a young child, she started writing in a dream journal. She dreamt up entire stories, stapled them together, and created her first stories. Since those early years, every book she has written has arrived in a dream, including places, character names, and lessons to be shared.

Over the years she has come to accept the power of her dreams. She made the decision to sort through the piles of journals and bring her stories to life. To date, she has published thirteen books. Most carry a common theme — love who you are, be kind to others, and do what you can to help the world. All of her children’s books feature whimsical characters including fairies, spirit animals, children named after constellations, and Egyptian Pharaohs with magical cats.

Aside from her lighthearted children’s books, she also spent a year exploring her spirituality, which resulted in the publication of her first novel, ‘Knocking on Heaven’s Doors: my spiritual journey through dreams and denominations,’ which was published in October 2014. This novel shares her personal search to find a religion, after losing her mother to cancer, including the dreams that came to her before and during the process. For over a year, she documented the spiritual journey of self-transformation, as she explored a new denomination every weekend, in search of Universal Truth.

Where online can people find Tracy Blom?

Visit her website at or visit her spiritual blog:

Follow her on Instagram


More about ONE BIG BULLY 

Bully the Bull is one big bully, whose horns grow bigger every time he is mean to the others that look different than him. He feels pretty good about himself, until one day, disaster strikes and he finds that his big horns have put him in a really bad situation.

Will the others rally together to help save him even though he was so mean? Will Bully the Bull learn his lesson?

This book teaches children and adults alike about the consequences of bullying, and promotes lessons of self-acceptance, forgiveness, and embracing our differences.

Click the Amazon link below to grab your copy today to start the discussions with your kids about bullying, being kind to others and so much more!


In this episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • Annemarie tells us more about ONE BIG BULLY
  • What kind of benefits as a teacher does Tracy think that reading with kids has?
  • How was her experience and how did this experience help her in writing a picture book for kids
  • What has been her reader’s reactions to her book?
  • What kind of discussion families can have after reading ONE BIG BULLY
  • What is Annemarie currently working on, her future projects and much more…Be sure to tune in for all the great insights!



A big Thank You to Tracy Blom for talking to us and sharing her story with our listeners!

We are very excited to see what she does next!  We hope you have enjoyed listening to this episode and be sure to keep your eye out for her future books.


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Thanks for tuning in and have a wonderful day!😆

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