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Congratulations to Dr Mary Payton. Her wonderful children’s book Taylor’s STEM Adventures: Texas is our latest Reading With Your Kids Certified Great Read! This is Dr Payton’s second book to be added to our list of Certified Great Reads. Her book Taylor’s STEM Adventures: Hawaii received our panel’s seal of approval earlier this year.

Let’s Take A Look At The Book Blurb

Taylor’s STEM Adventures Texas is the second book in a series of stories about the young son of two military members from STEM career fields. As his family moves to various duty locations Taylor guides you through his adventures in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) at each base. Taylor gives military children the insight into the STEM adventures and activities that await them in their next military move.


About The Author

Dr. Mary Payton is a science and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) education professional who has taught throughout the United States and internationally. She returned to STEM education after a successful 29 year military career as a Chemical Officer. After retiring as a Lieutenant Colonel, Dr. Payton and her two sons returned to her home in Texas to teach science. She has been honored for her performance as a STEM educator in the areas of Robotics and Engineering. Due to military families relocating about every three years, Dr. Payton exposed her sons to STEM at every duty station. Because of these experiences she was motivated by her family and friends to write “Taylor’s STEM Adventures”, a book series chronicling STEM activities focused on military family relocation and travel.

Here’s Our Review

We Love Learning With Taylor’s STEM Adventures Texas!

Are you looking to ignite your child’s interest in the STEM fields? Are you looking for a book that lets kids of all races and ethnicities know that they can succeed in the STEM fields? You will want to add Taylor’s STEM Adventures Texas to your family library.

Taylor is a bright and curious young boy who loves exploring and learning. His parents are both STEM Officers serving in the US Military. That gives Taylor a chance to live and explore many different places. In this book we discover that Taylor’s parents have new jobs at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas.

And that is where our adventure in learning begins. Taylor teaches us about how limestone and other rocks are created, how underground rivers create caves and caverns and the difference between stalactites and stalagmites. We learn that there is a colony of over one and a half million bats living near Austin and that dinosaurs once roamed the state. Taylor also brings us to the NASA Johnson Space Center.

We love that this book is loaded with fun STEM facts. It is a super way to ignite kids curiosity and inspire them to start to explore the STEM that surrounds them and also encourage diversity in STEM.

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