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#RWYK Great Read #Review – Maxine’s New Job by Dr. Lynda Jones Mubarak

5 stars

Happy Friday Everyone, Reading with Your Kids would like to wish everyone peace, blessings and love today and all days!

Let us grace our Friday with a very exciting announcement. Yes, it’s that time of the week again. We are proud and overjoyed to introduce you all to another children’s book which has all the features it takes to become a ReadingWithYourKids Certified Great Read and that book is none other than Maxine’s New Job written by Dr. Lynda Jones Mubarak and illustrated by Adua Hernandez!!

Let’s look at the Book Blurb 

Maxine’s New Job by Dr. Lynda Jones Mubarak

Age Level: 6 – 10. | Length: 58 pages. 

Maxines New Job

Maxine Hill is an inquisitive 4th-grade student who has a talent for solving problems and enjoys helping people in need. While using her quirky skills of observation, Maxine discovers an unexpected secret about Mrs. Sullivan, her sweet, quiet neighbor that changed their relationship forever.


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P.S. A percentage of Dr. Lynda Mubarak’s book sold is donated to her partner, The Community Food Bank of Ft. Worth. Help spread community service!



Dr. Lynda MubarakDr. Lynda Mubarak is a retired special education teacher, facilitator, and adult ESL adjunct who read constantly as a child. Dr. Lynda is an advocate for early literacy. She loves to create stories for young children with an emphasis on community service, global empathy, and human compassion.

She is a graduate of  Texas Christian University, Texas Wesleyan University, Nova SE University and she is a veteran.

Dr. Lynda is a co-host of The Author’s Lounge Radio Show. She enjoys crossword puzzles, live theater, and traveling with her husband, Kairi, and their rescue dogs, Ebony Joyce and Shorty Junior. Dr. Lynda’s favorite charity is The Community Food Bank of Ft. Worth, TX.

Visit to learn more about Dr. Lynda Mubarak Jones and her books


Our Review

Oh, We LOVE Maxine’s New Job written by Dr. Lynda Jones Mubarak! The theme of helping others is multi-faceted in the story.

Maxine’s New Job written by Dr. Lynda J. Mubarak and illustrated by Adua Hernandez introduces us to a young girl named Maxine Hill who loves to read, work crossword puzzles, visit her best friend, Amanda Grayson, and play with her cat, Amos. Maxine is a fourth-grade student who is full of curiosity and wants to take up a career of forensic scientist when she grows up. Maxine is concerned by her neighbor Mrs. Sullivan’s strange behavior and is determined to track down the cause. She embarks on a fact-finding mission and finds out that Mrs. Sullivan was dropped out from school when she was in seventh grade and can’t read! Fortunately, Maxine with the help of her supportive family takes up a new job of being a tutor to Mrs. Sullivan and teach her how to read.

Maxine’s New Job is a nice introduction to what a neighbor is and the role a neighbor should play. Teaching service and helping others can’t be done through direct instruction. You can share positive examples of service via stories in great children’s books and Dr. Lynda’s book does a wonderful job at teaching kindness, service, and helping others. I especially love the sense of community that is prominent throughout the book. It introduces kids to what a community service is and the importance of serving people in need.

It’s a good lesson for our children to learn, that although everyone has deficiencies in some area, there is always something we can do to help if we are looking for opportunities and making ourselves available. I love the line said by Maxine’s mom “When a person needs help, you do what you can for them with what you have or what you know”. It’s a sweet story about open hospitality and generosity to those around us.

What I particularly liked about this book is that it features a young black girl as an adorable protagonist of the story. We know that all children love seeing faces like theirs within the pages of their picture books, but it can be hard to find books starring kids of color. Dr. Lynda’s book not only gives children of color an opportunity to see themselves in stories but also helps broaden the perspective of all children by fostering children’s sense of empathy and connection with characters who might look different from themselves.

Final Verdict

The illustrations are so beautiful, and the plot is captivating. You’ll love this friendly little girl who has quite a fun and busy school life but takes the time to check on her neighbor and help her by teaching her how to read. Highly recommended for kids of all ages.


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