Tree Soldier: A Children’s Book About the Value of Family

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Meet Sarah M. Flores – Author of Tree Soldier: A Children’s Book About the Value of Family

Happy Thursday everyone! Here at Reading with Your Kids, we’re always on the chase for our next extraordinary read, so you can imagine how excited we are about Sarah M. Flores’s picture book for children Tree Soldier: A Children’s Book About the Value of Family, a beautiful story that teaches kids how Love & affection inside a house is the thing that makes it exceptional, not the grandness of size.

In celebration of her latest released book, we spoke with author Sarah M. Flores about her inspiration for Tree Soldier, her writing process, What does she wants readers to take away from her book and her upcoming projects. Here, Sarah details her magical experiences as a child and how it influences her writing. We’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do!


Here’s more information about Sarah M. Flores

Sarah M. FloresSarah M. Flores was born in Houston, Texas, to a fun-loving, karate-chopping mother, and to a guitar-playing, education-loving mailman father. Growing up, she spent equal time practising flips and kicks and studying for spelling bees. She also has two extremely talented brothers. She has been an avid writer and reader since she was very young. She’s always chosen to write literature that not only entertains, but also helps people of all ages become the best versions of themselves. This includes six years writing as a relationship advice columnist.

After reading exactly seven million books to her daughter, she decided that writing her own books would be the perfect way to teach the importance of core values. Tree Soldier is her first children’s book. Sarah lives outside of Houston with her husband, their two four-legged girls, Butters and Peanut, and their beautiful two-legged little girl, Makena, who was named after the Maui beach on which they were married.


More about Tree Soldier: A Children’s Book About the Value of Family

Tree Soldier: A Children's Book About the Value of FamilyBilly isn’t happy with his house or his toys until an enchanted tree takes him on a journey that will forever change the way he views happiness.

Tree Soldier is a charming rhyming story, with beautiful and glowing illustrations, that shows children that spending time with family is more meaningful than a big home overflowing with toys.


Click the link below to purchase your copy of Tree Soldier and  join Billy on his journey in finding the true meaning of happiness

In this episode, you’ll find out

  • What inspired Sarah to write Tree Soldier
  • What advice would she like to give to all the kids like Billy, who think  happiness comes from having a big home overflowing with toys?
  • Why did Sarah think it was important to tell this story?
  • What kind of message would she like the young readers to take away fro her book
  • What is she currently working on now and much more.


A big Thank you to Sarah for doing this Interview! Listen in as Sarah answers questions from Jed that will help readers  understand what inspired her story & and the exciting new book she’s working on now!


Finally, where can we find Sarah M. Flores on the internet?

Her website is:
Connect on Facebook: SarahFloresWriter
She is an editor at


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Thanks for tuning in and have a wonderful Thursday!😆



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