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Welcome Back to Reading With Your Kids STEM Tuesday with Jennifer Swanson

Happy Tuesday to all the STEM book lovers out there! We have a very special episode for you today. The episode that you have been waiting for!

Author Jennifer Swanson is back on the Reading with Your Kids Podcast to share fantastic resources that will inspire your kids’ curiosity about health & disease.  She also recommends a book list on STEM Tuesday’s theme: CHECKING YOUR HEALTH.

Jennifer’s book “Astronaut-Aquanaut: How Space Science and Sea Science Interact”  is published by National Geographic Kids which provides readers with an opportunity to know more about how outer space and deep oceans are alike but different.  Jennifer is joining us today to highlight what people can find on STEM about CHECKING YOUR HEALTH!

Stem Tuesday with Jennifer Swanson


History is filled with interesting tales of mysterious illnesses. Tune in to hear all about STEM books that feature the stories of the science and discovery behind medical mysteries and also some new medical threats facing the world today. These books intrigue readers who love mysteries, science, and healthcare. This list will inspire new adventures and help readers discover our place among the stars. So make sure you stay tuned till the end!


Here is the link to Jennifer’s STEM Tuesday blog –

Check out STEM Tuesday blog for STEM books that ENGAGE. EXCITE. and INSPIRE! Join us each week as a group of dedicated STEM authors highlight FUN topics, interesting resources, and make real-life connections to STEM in ways that may surprise you.



About Jennifer Swanson

Jennifer SwansonAward-winning author Jennifer Swanson’s love of science began when she started a science club in her garage at the age of 7. While no longer working from the garage, Jennifer’s passion for science resonates in the fascinating 25+ nonfiction and fiction books she has written for children. 

Her book, SUPER GEAR: Nanotechnology and Sports Team Up (Charlesbridge) was selected as an NSTA Best STEM book for 2017. Jennifer has received awards from the Pennsylvania TriState Young Adult Review Committee and her books in the “How Things Work” series by The Child’s World were named to the 2012 Booklist’s Top 10 Books for Youth: Series Nonfiction. Top reviews include a starred review in Booklist and recommended reviews from School Librarians Workshop, Library Media Connection, School Library Journal, and the National Science Teacher Association. Jennifer’s new books include releases with National Geographic Kids, Charlesbridge Publishing, and Rosen Publishing.

A perpetual writer, Jennifer is always developing new story ideas and concepts. Keep an eye out for her in the future. You can learn more about her at

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In STEM Tuesday, we discuss

  • Classroom activities for Upper elementary, middle school, home school, summer school
  • Jennifer talks about interviewing author Gail Jarrow about her Deadly Diseases Trilogy: Red MadnessFatal Fever, and Bubonic Panic on the STEM Tuesday. Both Red Madness and Bubonic Panic are among this month’s featured health and medicine books.


Thank you,  Jennifer, for joining us and for sharing your wonderful insights with us!


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