Welcome To A World Of Wonders!!!

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Welcome To A World Of Wonders!!!

Reading with your Kids Podcast Starring Brent A. Ford

Asking “WHY?” is second nature to children. But what happens when you turn that question back to kids? A foundation for learning science!


Brent A. Ford Author InterviewToday we’re so excited to introduce author Brent A. Ford to all our listeners on the Reading With Your kids Podcast. Brent is an amazing author of a children’s book A World of Wonder. Brent is a science educator, education researcher, writer, & a business owner. Brent ensures that each facet of the experience in his book is scientifically and pedagogically appropriate for young children.

A World of Wonder is a book designed to help children develop a wonder for, and an appreciation of, the world in which we all live. The book combines spectacular images with a variety of poetry and verse…from time-honoured and classic to new and sometimes humorous.

This is not the type of book typically read in one session. We encourage readers to come and go as children ask questions about the world. Children can certainly experience the book on their own, but we also encourage parents and teachers to engage with children – ask questions to tease out their understanding of the world and provide guidance where and when it seems appropriate. We also encourage you to follow children’s leads to encourage their interests in our magnificent world.

In this episode, Brent discusses his book, shares his inspiration for wanting to create such an engaging kids book & encourages parents and teachers to engage with children. Brent also talks about his company’s goal of helping parents and teachers to inspire children to appreciate, and care for, our world as well as to provide opportunities to engage children in thinking and talking about science.

Listen to this episode to find out wonderful opportunities A world of wonders has to offer to you & your kids!

Please visit Brent’s website for more information about him & his mission:


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