Welcome to “My Magical Words” by Becky Cummings

Welcome to “My Magical Words” by Becky Cummings post thumbnail image

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My Magical Words: RWYK Podcast Ft. Becky Cummings

Have you ever heard your child say, “I am bad at it or nobody likes me.”?

It’s heartbreaking to hear children say negative things about themselves, but they ALL struggle with learning to manage emotions. And now YOU can help!

Our guest today is Becky Cummings, author of My Magical Words, the first book of positive affirmations where children will learn to say I AM statements that empower them to know they are special, loved, smart, beautiful, strong, healthy, and more.

Tune in to learn Becky’s great insights on the power of positive affirmations, and to learn all about this MAGICAL book!


About the Author

Becky CummingsBecky Cummings is an author, teacher, and mom of three. She loves kids and speaking her truth. Becky is blessed to combine these passions by writing children s books that spread messages of love, hope, faith, health, and happiness. When she isn’t writing you might find her salsa dancing, eating a veggie burrito at her favorite Mexican joint, or traveling to new places! Becky is available for author visits and wants to connect with you.


Be sure to visit her on Facebook, Instagram and visit her website. 

Website – authorbcummings.com

Facebook – Author Becky Cummings

Instagram – authorbcummings


My Magical Words (The Magic of Me Book 1) 

My Magical Words (The Magic of Me Book 1)My Magical Words is the experience your child needs to grow their self-love and build their confidence.

Your special time with your children will soar to a whole new level as you show them that words have power and what they say about themselves is important. Teaching your children positive self-talk at an early age will lay the foundation for future success!

If you loved other books to inspire young thinkers to greatness such as What Would Danny Do?, I Can Handle It, The Wonderful Things You Will Be, or I Wish You More, then this book will be the perfect addition to your child’s library collection.

My Magical Words is now available on Amazon. Get the little loves in your life a copy today!

In this episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • Introduction to children’s author Becky Cummings and her brand NEW book, My Magical Words
  • Why did Becky choose to write for an older audience first?
  • Success means different things for different people. What is Becky’s definition of success?
  • Becky’s advise to parents on how to encourage their kids to visualize being successful and happy in life
  • An exclusive sneak peeks into some of the books she is currently working on.


A big Thank You to Becky Cummings for talking to us and sharing her book with our listeners!


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