Yahooty Who?: Celebrating Differences – #RWYK Certified Great Read

#RWYK Great Read #Review – Yahooty Who?: Celebrating Differences by Jen Oloo, Michael Rodriguez, and Ray Hodjat

5 stars

Have you ever wondered who turns on the light in the refrigerator or who helps your garden grow? Take a look at our brand NEW certified great read, Yahooty Who? Celebrating Differences and learn all you need to know!

Yahooty Who? is based on Jen’s Grandpa Walt’s story about an imaginary friend named Yahooty who turns on the light in the fridge when you open the door. As a young child, Grandpa Walt and Jen would look for Yahooty all around their house. Some of her most cherished memories are from this time they spent together as a family.

We’re MEGA excited to share this whimsical rhyming picture book with our readers! Yahooty Who? Celebrating Differences is all about celebrating differences in kid-friendly, down-on- their-level kind of way. This book is guaranteed to entertain your child and at the same time will help you to raise kind, happy and confident individuals.


Let’s Have A Look At The Book Blurb

Yahooty Who?: Celebrating Differences by Jen Oloo, Michael Rodriguez, and Ray Hodjat

Yahooty Who?: Celebrating DifferencesWhat holidays does your family celebrate? Are they different from your friends? Celebrating Differences is the second book in the Yahooty Who? series of imaginary character books. You’ll meet 4 brand new helpful Yahooty characters while learning a heartfelt lesson about embracing cultural uniqueness. Join Max, Ticker, Aqua, Terra, and Zap as they help 5 friends from varied backgrounds discover that it’s fun to learn about what makes us different.

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Learn more about the author

Jen Oloo is a proud mother of 2 and has worked most of her career helping small businesses grow through strategic local marketing and advertising. She holds an MBA from the Rochester Institute of Technology and co-owns an architectural Virtual Reality firm, SPACIALISTS, in Los Angeles.
Mike Rodriguez co-owns the creative advertising firm, Vicinity, in Los Angeles and holds a BFA from the Art Institute of Los Angeles.
Ray Hodjat is a proud father of 3, co-owns the creative advertising firm, Vicinity, in Los Angeles and holds a BFA from American Intercontinental University.


Visit the Yahooty Who? website to discover more about this book, learn about writers, read author blogs, and more!



Our Review

This world is a diverse place.  People look different, believe in different things, come from different places, and live in different ways. And therefore It is important to teach kids from a young age how special these differences are, and that it’s just a lovely part of how the world is. Yahooty Who?: Celebrating Differences by Jen Oloo helps reinforce these values and ideas with children.

Celebrating Differences is the second book in the Yahooty Who? series of imaginary character books. It’s a lovely story about Yahooties named Max, Ticker, Aqua, Terra, and Zap and how they help 5 friends from a wide range of cultures discover that these differences make them unique and interesting. My absolute favorite line from the book is “If we join together and learn from each other, acceptance and love will spread.”

Yahooty Who? is one of the best — if not THE best — children’s books we’ve ever read. (And we’ve read many by now.) This one excels in every aspect:


1. Promotes Creative Imagination – The 4 new cute & mischevious yahooties in Celeberaing Differences takes young readers to their happy place of imagination and childhood fantasy.


2. Beautifully Written in a Rhyming Style – Rhyming is so important for children to understand and play with language. And, Yahooty Who?: Celebrating Differences is a great picture book that paints wonderful pictures, with illustrations that jump off the page, and rhyme and meter that swings the story along. The rhymes and prose flow seamlessly. It’s lovely to both read and listen to.


3. The illustrations Are Stunning – One of our first tips for choosing picture books that kids will fall in love with has always been – choosing books with captivating illustrations. Great illustrations inspire a child’s imagination, and in picture books, the illustrations really do contribute as much as the story shared. The rich, detailed and colorful illustrations make Yahooty Who? a true treasure!


4. Powerful Message Embedded in a beautiful Story – Girls and boys are self-conscious about a lot of different things, from their cultural backgrounds to their body parts to their skin colors. Yahooty Who? helps kids to accept their differences and the differences of those around them. With colorful pictures, rhymes and a great storyline, this book promotes celebrating differences and how it makes us each unique and interesting. Its beautiful perspective is not only valuable to children but refreshing for adults too!


Thank you for this amazing contribution to kidlit, Jen Oloo!



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