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Bible Pathway Adventures

Reading With Your Kids Podcast Interview with Pip Reid


Please come along to another episode of Reading with your kids podcast where we welcome our guest Pip Reid, the co-founder of Bible Pathway Adventures a children’s’ author and an app creator. Pip is based in New Zealand and will be more familiar to readers as Pip Dumbill which is the author name that has appeared on books prior to her recent marriage. Always game for an adventure herself, Pip travelled through Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas before settling back in New Zealand to complete a ‘Writing for Children’ diploma and embark on a writing career. She now spends her days drinking coffee and writing adventures that help bring the Bible to life for parents and children around the world.

Tune in as Pip talks about her book & her mission to help parents and teachers around the world teach children more about the Bible.

Pip also talks about her website and says it is a great way to have fun teaching your children about the Bible with the Bible Pathway Adventures. Pip tells us how it is a great tool to help kids (and adults!) learn the foundations of our faith in a fun creative way. Original illustrations and world-class narration bring the biblical stories to life. Packed with fun facts and fascinating discoveries. The search for truth is more fun than tradition!

Check out Bible pathway website for free Bible storybook app, printable activities, Teacher Packs, and books. All designed to help children everywhere learn God’s truth in a fun creative way. Inspired by God’s Word, Pip has taken our best-loved Bible stories and added world-class audio and wonderful illustrations to bring the Bible’s most famous characters to life. And to make story time even more fun, her app includes simple quizzes and Adventure Scrolls packed with exciting archaeological and cultural discoveries.  Click the Activities section to download free Bible quizzes, puzzles, worksheets, colouring pages and more. Or download their FREE storybook app on iTunes and Google Play today. After all, Bible stories aren’t just for kids! Be sure to listen & check out Pip’s website!


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