Can You Find My Love?

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Can You Find My Love?

Author Interview with Jan Marquart

Joining us today on the Reading with your kids Podcast is Jan Marquart, Author of Can you find my love series. Can You Find My Love? is an educational book series for children ages 3 to 7 & is a is a brilliant concept. As an author, her Love + Learning Instruction Method now helps children retain information through image associations, artistic interactivity, and positive reinforcement.


Jan is a renowned psychotherapist and author with over 30 years experience working with young children and families. Jan began her career counselling children who required help reading. She noticed that, in most every case, the children were being emotionally and psychologically affected by some negative aspect of their home life—be it arguing, addiction, abuse, divorce or something else. Many of the children verbalised feeling unloved or insignificant.

Jan is an avid writer. She has self-published twenty-three books, two booklets, including the 10-book children’s series, Can You Find My Love? She enjoys writing in different genres to understand self-expression and the written word. Writing has saved Her life!

We welcome Jan to talk about her books in the Can You Find My Love? series, what inspired her to write this wonderful series & what is her favourite book out of all the books in her series.  Jan says it is  a testament to all she has learned about the relationship between love and learning. She explains Seasons is the first book in the Can You Find My Love? children’s book series. These children’s books are fun, interactional, educational, and include photographs not illustrations. She says every child ought to feel loved and each photograph has a little bit of love for each child. Jan also gives us  brief glimpses into all of the books in her series.

There’s plenty of humour and wisdom packed into this  episode. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it.

Learn more about Jan and her other projects at



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