Come Experience “The Magic of Norumbega” with Lenna Kutner!!

Come Experience “The Magic of Norumbega” with Lenna Kutner!! post thumbnail image

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Let’s Discuss “The Magic Of Norumbega,” by Lenna Kutner

Oh hello, Thursday! It’s so nice to meet you. yep, Reading With Your Kids is back for another quality podcasting with your favorite children’s book authors! Today we are starting off big with a wonderful Middle-Grade Adventure!

In this installment of the Reading With Your Kids, we speak to children’s book author Lenna Kutner about her time-travel, a historical book for middle-grade readers, The Magic of Norumbega.  The story is about two dogs who are good friends, and about their adventures at Norumbega Park. Tune in to hear about her writing, trolley parks, the real place behind the book, and more.


Learn more about Lenna Kutner 

Lenna KutnerLenna Kutner has been a resident of Auburndale, MA for many years. She discovered the local dog park when she adopted a Golden Retriever puppy named Geti in 1990. Lenna and Geti soon met lots of other dogs and their owners walking in the park each day. Geti and Murphy became the best of friends.

When Lenna learned the unique history of the park, she knew that Norumbega would make a great setting for a children’s story, and began writing “The Magic of Norumbega” for her son Danny. Starring Geti and Murphy, the story evolved into a fun historical fantasy. It took a long time to finish the book, but that’s how it all began.

Lenna has a degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Most of her professional life was spent in human services, working with kids and with the elderly. Writing has always been Lenna’s secret passion. She is currently a volunteer at a neighborhood library where she is surrounded by books and by children who love to read as much as she does.


More about The Magic of Norumbega

Norumbega is no ordinary amusement park!

The Magic of Norumbega

A visit to the magical Norumbega Amusement Park leads to an unforgettable time-traveling adventure! Geti is a lovable dog who finds herself in a heap of trouble when she takes a trip into the past. An unusual assortment of friends comes to her aid, but loyalty and bravery are tested when one mistake might have disastrous results. Will Norumbega’s magic entrap Geti, or will it lead her home?

Blending fantasy with history, this delightful tale takes place around 1940 in the real-life setting of Norumbega Park, once considered to be New England’s finest amusement park, and home to the renowned and magical Totem Pole Ballroom.

“The Magic of Norumbega” is now available as a paperback AND a Kindle ebook! Visit Amazon to check out the book, read reviews and book your own copy!

Would you like to order a signed copy of The Magic of Norumbega?




In this episode of theReading with Your Kids Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • Introduction to Lenna Kutner and her middle-grade adventure The Magic of Norumbega
  • What compelled Lenna to write about Norumbega Park?
  • What inspires her to write for middle graders?
  • What kind of adventures do we find in other books in this book?
  • Lenna provided us with some super interesting insights about  Norumbega Park that will surprise you
  • What does Lenna hope readers will take away from this book?
  • What is Lenna currently working on, a message she would like to share with her readers, and more.


A big thank you to Lenna for joining us and for sharing her magical story about a magical place!



Where online can people find Lenna

Her website:

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Have a stellar Thursday!

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