A Swirl of Ocean – A Children’s Middle Grade Book By MELISSA SARNO

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RWYK Children’s Author Interview: A SWIRL OF OCEAN by Melissa Sarno


A touching, timeless novel–perfect for fans of Lisa Graff and Lauren Wolk–about a girl who discovers that the ocean is holding secrets she never could have imagined.


Melissa Sarno, middle grade authorMelissa Sarno is a freelance writer and editor with an MFA in screenwriting. She writes about middle-grade books for Barnes & Noble’s B&N Kids Blog and edits YA and children’s book reviews for Cleaver magazine. Just Under the Clouds was her debut novel.
Read more about her at melissasarno.com. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @melissasarno.
Website: https://www.melissasarno.com/







A Swirl of Ocean Novel by Melissa SarnoTwelve-year-old Summer loves the ocean. The smell, the immensity, the feeling she gets when she dives beneath the surface. She has lived in Barnes Bluff Bay since she was two years old when Lindy found her on the beach. It’s been the two of them ever since. But now, ten years later, Summer feels uncertainty about her place with Lindy and starts to wonder about where she came from. One night, Summer goes for a swim and gets caught in a riptide, swallowing mouthfuls of seawater. And that night, she dreams of a girl. A girl her age living in the same town, but not at the same time. Summer’s not persuaded that this girl is real, but something about her feels familiar.

Summer dreams again and again about this girl, Tink, and becomes convinced that she is connected to her past. As she sees Tink struggle with her sister growing away from her and her friends starting to pair off, Summer must come to terms with her own evolving home life and discover how the bonds that make us family can help heal the wounds of the past.


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Interview Talking Points & Questions

  • Introduction to A Swirl of Ocean – A Children’s Middle-Grade Book By MELISSA SARNO (03:00)
  • What was about this age group that attracted you to write for the Middle-Grade audience?
  • Give us a peek inside your upcoming books & some interesting facts about her writing journey.
  • Middle school life can be a dramatic phase for many middle graders so how does A Swirl of Ocean help kids navigate those first-time middle school experiences? (10:40)



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