Designed To Shine, Fun Read Aloud Rhymes For Any Size Heart, Volume Two

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Congratulations to Joy Resor! Her latest collection of poems, Designed To Shine, Fun Read Aloud Rhymes For Any Size Heart, Volume Two is our latest Reading With Your Kids Certified Great Read!

Let’s Look At The Book Blurb

Designed to SHINE! Read Aloud Rhymes for Any Size Heart Volume Two offers 26 topical rhymes in a fully illustrated second volume that will delight children and the inner children of adults.

Enjoy this book with a child on your lap or alone, delighting in wise, powerful rhymes with topics like CREATE, DREAM, and JUGGLE.

You’ll savor the rich illustrations and feel lighter after reading this book.



Let’s Meet The Author

Joy tells us “I’m grateful that I’ve healed into my given name of Joy after daily writing a prayer in my journal to become the Joy God created me to be. It is my honor and delight to be free from the blocks, worries, shame and more I carried around for years. Now, my loving, serene, joyful presence speaks volumes before I say a word, and wisdom I’m called to share is offered with ease, confidence and grace.
I love my varied days writing, serving clients in spiritual direction, mailing books and joyful wares, leading a workshop, walking, laughing or being with friends.”


Here’s Our Review

We absolutely love Designed To Shine, Read Aloud Rhymes For Any Size Heart Volume Two by Joy Resor. As the title implies this is a wonderful collection of fun to read aloud poems that will bring a smile to your kid’s face and reminds us of the beauty and love that surrounds us.

Do you love to hear your little ones giggle with delight? That is exactly what they will be doing as they listen to the most important person in their lives read these lyrical poems.

We especially love that each poem shares wisdom that we can all benefit from. One of our favorite poems is titled Goofy, a fun rhyme that encourages grown ups to “lean into goofy” and asks “how would more goofy add fun to your day?”

And we love that many of the poems remind kids to slow down, to rest and be present. This collection is a perfect way for families to encourage their kids to be more mindful.

Lauren Connell’s illustration are simply magnificent.

I think the best way to sum up this review is to say that we can’t wait for Designed To Shine Volume Three to be released!

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