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Heavy Sketches

Reading With Your Kids Podcast Episode With Red Rohl

I am excited for you to meet Red Rohl! Red Rohl is passionate about engaging kids and igniting their love of reading. Red is an author, educator and illustrator who has created the Heavy Sketches series to reach those kids who are bored with chapter books and are looking for something different.

This is a topic I could relate to big time. My son is a now an adult, but when he was in middle school it was tough to get him to read traditional books. This was a huge surprise for us, because he had always loved reading. He started reading with he was 4. He devoured books, it was wonderful. Then he hit middle school, and it was like he hit a wall.

He had no interest in reading the books assigned to him at school. But he did LOVE reading graphic novels and comics. Still does.

Red Rohl wants to team up with parents who are struggling with a kid the way we struggled with our son. If you want to get kids excited aabout reading, and who doesn’t, you want to get to know Red Rohl and Heavy Sketches.

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