Lilah Loves Life by Brian Sullivan: #RWYK Certified Great Read

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Lilah Loves Life by Brian Sullivan: #RWYK Certified Great Read– Book Review

Congratulations to Brian Sullivan!

Lilah Loves Life is our latest certified great read!



Lilah Loves Life by Brian Sullivan

Lilah Loves Life by Brian SullivanWith her sunny outlook and cheerful disposition, Lilah approaches each day as a gift, and she’s determined to make the most of every one of them. And although she enjoys life’s simple pleasures, she also has high expectations about how she will make her mark in the world.

Join Lilah as she joyfully makes her way through a typical day and inspires youngsters to think positive and dream big.


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About Brian Sullivan

Brian Sullivan, author of Lilah Loves LifeBrian Sullivan worked in legal publishing for almost 35 years as an editor and writer, and is now enjoying retirement with his wife, Kathy, in suburban Chicago. As a father of three, he always wanted to write stories that children would enjoy, but life continually got in the way. It was only when he became a grandfather that he found the time to write a children’s book inspired by his first grandchild, Beau. He plans to continue writing stories that will encourage kids to explore and learn about the world around them.

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Lilah Loves Life is an endearing picture book by Brian Sullivan and skillfully illustrated by Laura Watson. Written in playful rhyming verse, the text is as lively as Lilah herself, and Laura Watson’s illustrations are jam-packed with cleverly amusing detail.

Lilah, a young girl, is anticipating a new day full of excitement and adventures. She makes plans for the perfect day filled with her favorite activities. And each time Lilah selects a new play, she envisions herself as an adult. She daydreams about working in a restaurant while preparing her yogurt and fruit for breakfast, she imagines herself as a ballerina while drawing hopscotch squares, and she imagines what it would be like to perform in front of a live audience while playing tee ball.

Lilah is inspired to engage in enjoyable, free-range activities by her constant need to amuse herself. This little soul is all about finding happiness in the little things of life that make her happy, whether it be kite flying, swinging, or playing fetch with her pet.  She tries to recall all the different ways she had found to enjoy her day as it finally comes to an end. Every single one was a gift in its own unique way.

The second book by Brian Sullivan is just as charming as the first(Beau Wants to Know). Every play and activity mentioned in this book is cost-free, worthwhile, and suitable for kids of all ages. Children can learn the value of the little things in their own lives by focusing on the simple yet fun things that make Lilah’s day enjoyable.

After reading the book, your kids will enjoy discussing what it means to them to have a fun-filled day. The book will make you laugh at Lilah’s shenanigans, and her determination and positive outlook will make you smile. Recommended for children 3 and older.


Final Verdict

Lilah Loves Life conveys a lovely message about how the little things in life can bring us happiness as well as a charming, delightful sense of humor. A cute book with a valuable lesson that is delivered in a way that preschoolers and young elementary kids can relate to. While reading this book to your kids, you can use it as a great conversation starter about all the things that also make them happy.




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