Meet the “Silly Yaya” by Violet M Favero!!

Meet the “Silly Yaya” by Violet M Favero!! post thumbnail image

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Reading with Your Kids Podcast Ft. Violet M Favero a.k.a “Silly Yaya”

The Silly Yaya Series

Happy Sunday listeners!

We have a very special episode for you! Our guest today is Violet Favero, aka Silly Yaya, an author of the “Silly Yaya” series. Her first book of the series, Silly Yaya has had great success. Violet’s third picture book, Unkie Munkie Lives at The Zoo, was named Amazon’s #1 New Release in its genre.  It followed her first two books, that are international sellers, Silly Yaya and Sunday Dinner at Silly Yaya’s.

In our exciting interview, Violet aka Silly Yaya tells us all about her picture book series that teaches about all the different names children may call their grandparents, depending on family heritage, nationality, and tradition. It tells us that no matter what you call your grandma and grandpa, they love you just the same.

Silly Yaya was kind enough to answer a few questions about her wonderful series and what inspired her to write these books. Tune in now to join us on this fun journey into Silly Yaya!


Here’s more information about Violet M Favero 

Violet M FaveroPrior to beginning her career as a children’s picture book author/illustrator, Violet (Silly Yaya) worked as a medical administrator, is the grandmother of 9 granddaughters and is well known for her Sunday Dinners and lavish holiday gatherings. Violet’s first publication was in third grade in the Weekly Reader magazine. She enjoys drawing, painting, cooking and traveling with her husband and dog in their RV doing author visits at schools, libraries, book signings, and other appearances. Violet lives in Florida.

Violet is also the President of Meadow Road Books, a small publishing house specializing in children’s picture books and journals. Visit the Author Page of Meadow Road Books for more details.

Where online can people find more about Violet and her books


Learn more about Silly Yaya

Silly Yaya by Violet M Favero (Author, Draft Writer)Silly Yaya is a book of grandparent names and the one-of-a-kind relationship between grandchildren and their grandparents. What do you call your grandparents? Or what do they call you? This children’s picture book was written for children who do not call their grandparents the traditional grandma and grandpa. Instead, Silly Yaya tells the story of why “Each one (grandparent) needs their own special name. From family to family, they are not always the same.” Explore the book with your child or grandchild to see if the names they call their grandparents are listed in the book. Find the special spot at the end that makes Silly Yaya a Keepsake Book. The author illustrated this family tale in colored pencil to resemble endearing childlike drawings that toddlers love to walk around with saying “read Yaya”. Certain to become a family classic!

Silly Yaya series is available for purchase here at AmazonBarnes & Noble and Books-A-Million online.


In this episode, You’ll find out

  • What Silly Yaya is all about?
  • What inspired Violet to write for kids and what kind of messages she wants readers to take away from her books?
  • Violet talks about special names children call their grandparents and shares her story of the traditional family Sunday Dinner.
  • Silly Yaya gives us an exclusive sneak peek into some of the books she is currently working on?



Thanks for agreeing to this interview, Violet. We wish you all the best with Silly Yaya!


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Happy listening!

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