RWYK Interview: “Catching Falling Cradles” by Dara Lovitz

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Author Interview: Dara Lovitz on Catching Falling Cradles!

Hey everyone!

We’re thrilled to introduce  Dara Lovitz, author of “Twinsight: A Guide to Raising Emotionally Healthy Twins” which gives practical tips you can use as a parent to help each of your twins.

Dara is joining us today to talk about her upcoming book Catching Falling Cradles: (A Gentle Approach to Classic Rhymes), her journey of becoming a children’s author, her advice on raising multiples, what inspires her writing & much more. We hope you enjoy his interview as much as we did recording it. Be Sure to Tune In!


Learn more about Dara Lovitz

Dara LovitzDara Lovitz is the mother of 6-year old twin daughters. She lives in the Philadelphia area and works for a legal nonprofit organization (paid), runs a nonprofit vegan advocacy group (unpaid), and writes books (breaks even). Her most recent works include Twinsight: A Guide to Raising Emotionally Healthy Twins and Catching Falling Cradles: A Gentle Approach to Classic Rhymes.
Connect with Dara on Twitter (@TwinMomDara) or Facebook.
Visit her website

Catching Falling Cradles: (A Gentle Approach to Classic Rhymes)

Catching Falling CradlesThis playful rewrite offers readers peaceful alternatives to classic children’s rhymes. The three blind mice don’t suffer from having their tails chopped off with a carving knife, Humpty Dumpty doesn’t tumble to permanent destruction, and other common rhymes don’t depict disturbing scenarios that might otherwise frighten your child. With witty lyrics and beautiful illustrations, this charming, must-read book will delight readers of all ages.

Catching Falling Cradles is available on Amazon!


In this episode

  • Introduction to children’s author Dara Lovitz and her latest rhyming book Catching Falling Cradles: (A Gentle Approach to Classic Rhymes)
  • Was there a specific event that inspired Dara to write these nursery rhymes?
  • Dara shares one of the rhymes from her book, It’s raining, it’s pouring
  • What kind of reactions has she been getting from parents and caregivers?
  • As a mother of twin daughters, Dara shares what it’s like to raise multiples?
  • she talks about some of the positive messages her series promotes, her upcoming project & much more…


Thanks for agreeing to this interview, Dara. We wish you all the best with Catching Falling Cradles!


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