Sushi & Samosas: A Trip of Tasty Transformations: #RWYK Certified Great Read

Sushi & Samosas: A Trip of Tasty Transformations: #RWYK Certified Great Read post thumbnail image

Sushi & Samosas: A Trip of Tasty Transformations by Rishma Govani -#RWYK CERTIFIED GREAT READ

Congratulations to Rishma Govani!

Sushi & Samosas: A Trip of Tasty Transformations is our latest Certified great Read!



“Sushi! No way!” exclaimed Raine.

“Samosas! Never!” screamed Asha.

Raine and Asha, two bright yet stubborn kids, are afraid to try new foods and prefer to stick to their familiar diet of chicken nuggets and fries. Their adventurous foodie parents are on a mission to change their minds and have some tricks up their sleeves to get their children to open up and open wide.

Take this delicious journey around the world with Raine and Asha and their parents, and be sure to bring your hungry appetites along for the globe-trotting ride.

What better way to create global awareness than through the love of food? This fun book advocates for diversity, tolerance, and cross-cultural understanding, and believes that breaking down barriers by the spoon is an essential introductory step for kids to learn more about the world around them.


About the Author

Rishma Govani has spent the last three decades committed to breaking down barriers, extending bridges, and championing cross-cultural understanding, awareness, and acceptance. Curious by nature, she is a trailblazing advocate for pluralism. She is the CFO (Chief Food Officer) for TFLC, the Toronto Food Luck Club, a successful dinner club that explored over 100 world cuisines for 15 years in Toronto. TFLC is the inspiration behind this book. A daughter of Ugandan refugees, trained as a journalist, and known as an eternal optimist, she hopes to contribute to global peace by helping people learn more about the world’s diverse cultures. She continues to think global and eat local with the real-life version of Asha & Raine, her children Mila & Khalil Mulji and in honour of their dad, the biggest foodie of them all.


Sushi & Samosas: A Trip of Tasty Transformations is a children’s picture book written by Rishma Govani that celebrates diversity!

This is the charming story of two picky eaters Raine and Asha who only want to eat—fries and chicken nuggets. Not ready to try any new food, their adventurous parents hatch a plan to train their little minds to be willing to try something that takes them out of their comfort zone. In an attempt to get their kids to expand their culinary repertoire, their foodie parents desperately try to offer them everything from sushi to Thai Curries to Samosas. They keep reminding their kids throughout the book “There is more to food than nuggets and fries, so be grateful. Eat up. The world is yours to recognize” and “The more you go, the more you know. The more you try, the more you fly.” 

It’s a perfect book to teach our kids about food from different parts of the world. Cooking and eating is something we all, as humans, have in common, and it’s something kids easily relate to. Reading about food traditions from other cultures and countries is a great way to teach kids to foster an attitude of curiosity, exploration, and acceptance. The rhyming text and brightly coloured illustrations maintain an upbeat, positive tone appropriate for a young audience.

So are you ready to travel and eat around the world? Sushi & Samosas will transport you and your kid’s thousands of miles away with the fresh, healthy dishes of different lands. This will delight young readers who will be eager to try new dishes in their own homes. A wonderful read-aloud!



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