“The Secrets We Bury” by Stacie Ramey – Author Interview

“The Secrets We Bury” by Stacie Ramey – Author Interview post thumbnail image

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Reading with Your Kids Podcast ft. Stacie Ramey, author of The Secrets We Bury

Hello listeners! We are thrilled to have the author, Stacie Ramey, on the Reading with Your Kids Podcast to promote her young adult novel The Secrets We Bury published by Sourcebooks!

We were lucky enough to talk with Stacie recently about writing her book, her writing process, why this book is so special to her and discuss her future projects. Check out what she had to say and you’ll be glad you did!


Here’s more information about Stacie Ramey

Stacie Ramey is a young adult author who is represented by Nicole Resciniti of The Seymour Agency.

Stacie RameyStacie learned to read at a very early age to escape the endless tormenting of her older siblings. Where the Wild Things Are was her first favorite book and she swore she’d only marry a man who could prove he had rumpus in his heart!
She attended the University of Florida, and Penn State where she received a Master of Science degree in Speech Pathology. She also met her future husband at Penn State, who surprised her one day with all of the stuffed Wild Things’ characters, proving his worth.

She currently works with high school aged Autistic kids, introducing them to the literary worlds she grew up loving. When she’s not working or writing, she engages in Netflix wars with her children or beats her husband in Scrabble, all while watching the Florida Gators and Penn State Nittany Lions play (Go Gators).
She lives in Florida with her husband, children, and rescue dogs.


More about The Secrets We Bury

In an effort to escape his family, Dylan sets out on the Appalachian trail―but he can’t escape his past―or his secrets in this novel from the author of The Sister Pact.

The Secrets We BuryDylan Taggart is on the run. His family is trying to put him in a school for psychologically challenged students, and he gets it―he has issues. But a special school is a complete overreaction. And in six months, he’ll be a legal adult, so Dylan decides to disappear on the Appalachian Trail until he can make his own decisions.

Dylan wanted independence, but setting out on a 2,190-mile hike by himself is more than he bargained for. And he keeps crossing paths with another teen hiker, known only as “The Ghost.” This mysterious girl is also making the trek alone, and Dylan can tell she’s trying to escape too. But from what? When disaster strikes, how can they trust each other if they can’t face their own secrets?

If you are looking for a unique YA contemporary romance, We would highly recommend you to click the link below to buy your copy now!




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In this episode, you’ll find out

  • What was Stacie’s inspiration for The Secrets We bury
  • More about the main Character Dylan Taggert who is diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder and has issues, emotionally expressing himself
  • More about neurodiversity and what it can mean for your child
  • What does she hope her readers take away from reading this book?
  • Why does Stacie enjoy writing young adult fiction?
  • Some of the positive messages her book promotes, the importance of reading with kids, What’s next for Stacie & much more…Be sure to tune in & you’ll be so glad you did!


A huge thank you for taking the time to chat with us here at RWYK podcast, Stacie!


For more information about author Stacie Ramey and her books, visit her official website 


Twitter: @stacieramey

Instagram: stacieramey_


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Thanks for tuning in and have a wonderful day!

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