The Value of Reading with Our Older Kids Ft. Tina Shepardson

The Value of Reading with Our Older Kids Ft. Tina Shepardson post thumbnail image

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Meet Tina Shepardson, A Writer Helping Children and Families Stay Connected through Reading in Today’s Society

Welcome to the Reading with Your Kids podcast!

Today, we’re thrilled to have a writer and an educator Tina Shepardson on the podcast to talk about the importance of reading to kids and her mission to share stories that inspire children to be the best person they can be and to nurture their love of reading.

Tune in for the fun-filled insights!


About Tina

Tina ShepardsonTina Shepardson has 29 years of experience as an educator and has served on many district and community committees. She continues to learn a great deal from children, witnessing their growth before and after the introduction of interactive screen devices. She also sees parents’ concern in addressing the need to balance life and technology.
Tina is a graduate of and course assistant for the Children’s Book Academy, a member of SCBWI, an Admin for the Debut Picture Book Study Group, a member of 12×12 Picture Book Writing ChallengeStorystorm, and KidLit College. In addition, Tina is a volunteer with The Literacy Coalition of Onondaga CountyBook Buddies, and a 2016 recipient of New York State’s Teacher of Excellence Award.
Currently teaching middle school, Tina lives in Syracuse, New York with her husband, daughter, and two Akitas. In her spare time, she can be found walking Hank and Madeleine, spending time at camp with her family, eating chocolate and enjoying the latest snowstorm.


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In this episode of the Reading with Your Kids Podcast, you’ll hear:

  • The value of Reading with our older kids
  • Being a middle school teacher and a debut author, Tina shares her insights on why we should continue to read aloud to Older Children
  • The new challenges teachers face in the classroom
  • It’s important to recognize that kids in modern times are surrounded by technology at school. Tina shares some of the important advice and tips for parents on educating their kids on how to be safe while exploring the internet.


Thank you, Tina, for joining us and for sharing your wonderful insights with us!


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