Uh-Oh Baby! by Rhonda Whitaker

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Uh-Oh Baby!

Book by Rhonda Whitaker

Review by Fatima Khan, Associate Producer, ReadingWithYourKids.com

We received this book from Rhonda Whitaker in exchange of an honest review to be posted along with her interview on reading with your kid’s website and I absolutely Love this book!

First off, Uh-Oh Baby is such an adorable title for a bedtime book. It’s a sweet and beautiful story for the younger crowd. This book shows the “uh-oh” moments throughout a baby’s day such as babies spilling milk, covering themselves with spaghetti, painting themselves and splashing water on themselves & on others.  We can see cute little babies exploring & having fun at mealtime, bath time, and playtime! Rhonda also expresses parent’s unconditional love for a child in a fun, lovely illustrated and well written rhyming style story!

We all know that being messy helps toddlers to learn more & children who grab, feel and taste objects are constantly gathering information about the world around them and I love how this book perfectly celebrates the messy moments or I should say Uh-oh moments of life by encouraging parents to let their child be messy as it can be a priceless learning experience for them, and a great bonding experience for both of them.

Sharing this book with your baby or toddler and reading aloud with them at bedtime is guaranteed to be a fun, warm and loving experience. The illustrations are wonderful and really add a lot of character, humour and heart to the story.

Babies are going to LOVE this book! Gets complete five stars from me!

A big thank you to Rhonda Whitaker for sharing this wonderful book with us and for joining us on the Reading with your kids podcast!

In case you missed it, Be sure to check out Rhonda Whitaker’s appearance on the reading With Your Kids podcast.



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