“WOW! Weather! Hurricanes” by KPIX’s Paul Deanno

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The Return of the RWYK Certified Great Read Author and KPIX 5 Chief Meteorologist Paul Deanno

Hey everyone,

In today’s episode, Emmy award-winning meteorologist and KPIX personality, Paul Deanno join us to talk about his brand NEW children’s book WOW! Weather! Hurricanes, a perfect introductory hurricane book for children ages 3-9. Fun to read. Packed with science. Removes the fear.

Paul is the Chief Meteorologist for KPIX-TV in San Francisco, CA and author of a fantastic book series titled“Wow!Weather!” From lightning and snowfalls to thunderstorms and hail, “Wow! Weather! gives you an exciting look into all the action that happens in the sky and lets kids know about how huge, how stunning, and how superb our climate truly is… told from the kid’s point of view.

Tune in to learn more about this wonderful resource by Paul Deanno that will make learning about hurricanes easy to understand for kids and generates a lifelong interest in weather & science!

Here’s more information about Paul Deanno


Paul Deanno, author of Wow! Weather!

Meteorologist Paul Deanno has won five Emmy Awards for his work as a broadcast meteorologist in some of the largest television markets in the country. He is also the first broadcast meteorologist to do the weather on all three network morning newscasts: Good Morning America (ABC), The Today Show (NBC), and CBS This Morning.

Paul has literally spanned the globe covering the weather. He’s flown with the Hurricane Hunters, hiked deep into Glacier National Park to investigate global warming’s impact on the ecosystem there, and he’s broadcasted from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean on board the USS Enterprise aircraft carrier for a report on how the military creates its forecasts.

Paul’s favorite part of his job, however, is spending time with students at local elementary schools. That’s the place where he has the most fun sharing his passion for the weather. That’s also the reason why Paul started researching the amazing weather facts he used in his first book, “WOW! Weather!“. Paul currently works in San Francisco and lives in the Bay Area with his beautiful wife and three boys.


Where can you find Paul on the internet?

Website: www.pauldeannobooks.com

Connect with Paul on Social Media 

Facebook:  @PaulDeannoWeather and @WowWeather

Instagram: @BayAreaWxGuy

Twitter: @PaulKPIX and @WowWeather_Book

Learn more about WOW! Weather! Hurricanes

WOW! Weather! Hurricanes by Paul Deanno “WOW! Weather! Hurricanes” will empower your child by teaching them all about the biggest storms on Earth. But here’s the key: They’ll learn at a level they can easily understand. The latest book in the “WOW! Weather!” series is packed with amazing weather facts that will make kids and parents say “WOW!”.

Hurricanes can be scary, especially if your child does a search of these storms on Google or YouTube. “WOW! Weather! Hurricanes” will be a powerful tool for families that live in storm-prone areas, as this book will explain to your child how a hurricane forms, what gives it energy, and what a hurricane forecast looks like. All of this is done in a fun, interactive, and “non-scary” way. Further, if a child reads about… and understands… a topic, they’re much less likely to be scared about it. That’s exactly what “WOW! Weather! Hurricanes” will do.

It’s the perfect weather book for kids, weather book for preschool, and weather book for kindergarten. There’s a chapter on storm surge:

How does that happen?
Wind blows all day and all night long.
That pushes the water toward the beach
When the hurricane is really strong. 

Your child will also learn about why hurricanes get their own name:

Just so we don’t think they’re all the same,
Every hurricane gets its own name. 

There’s even a chapter about the brave men and women who work as Hurricane Hunters:

Did you know there’s a group of people who say,
“That hurricane is HUGE! Let’s fly into it TODAY!”. 

The illustrations by Toby Mikle are fun and engaging, and your child will even learn that hurricanes “eat breakfast” to stay strong. Paul Deanno has won five Emmy awards for his work as a broadcast meteorologist, but his favorite thing to do is visit schools and get kids excited about weather and science. The “WOW! Weather!” book series will bring that energy to life every time you & your child open the pages of his books!

Take the fear of hurricanes away from your children by reading “WOW! Weather! Hurricanes” with them today!

Find Paul’s book from Amazon by clicking the link below


P.S. 10% of all proceeds from the “WOW! Weather!” children’s book series will be donated to the Alliance For Climate Education through May 31.


In this episode, you’ll find out

  • More about Paul Deanno and his children’s book “Wow!Weather! Hurricane”
  • Why does Paul think it’s important for kids to understand the weather beyond the media facts?
  • What inspired Paul to write this book?
  • What’s the number one thing to do to know more about the weather?
  • What kind of message Paul wanted to teach kids through his books
  • Paul shares some websites for kids to learn more about the weather
  • How do we need to be prepared for the hurricane season?
  • What is he currently working on, where can people find him online and much more…


A big thank you to Paul for joining us and for sharing his wonderful little books with us. We are very excited to see what he does next!  We hope you have enjoyed listening to this episode and be sure to keep your eye out for his future books!


Be sure to check out the review of “Wow! Weather!” on our blog!

“WOW! Weather!” by Paul Deanno: #RWYK Certified Great Read



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