Daddy, Am I Beautiful?

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Daddy, Am I Beautiful?

Author Interview With Michelle S. Lazurek

Today at Reading With Your Kids Podcast, we’re excited to welcome Michelle Lazurek, author of new delightful children’s books Daddy, Am I Beautiful? & Mommy, Am I Strong? . Michelle is a pastor’s wife, a mother, an author, and a speaker. A member of the Advanced Writers and Speakers Association, she has been published in numerous places such as Charisma Magazine and Movieguide Magazine.


Daddy, Am I Beautiful? is a delightful new book which addresses every little girl’s deepest desire – to know she is beautiful. Through colourful, whimsical illustrations, this book teaches girls that beauty is God-given and comes from within. They will discover not only their own inner beauty, but learn to recognise the inner beauty in others through acts of kindness, love and concrete biblical examples. Little girls will easily identify with Lovely Leah through her ordinary playfulness and inquisitiveness as shown through the extraordinary collaboration between author and illustrator.


Mommy, Am I Strong? is the companion book to Daddy, Am I Beautiful? and addresses every boy’s universal need – to know he is strong.

Loving to play superheroes, Courageous Caleb and his cousin Daring David learn that true strength isn’t measured by how high they can leap or how heavy an object they might lift. Rather, they learn that real strength comes from within – asking for God’s help to do the right thing, especially when it’s difficult. Little boys will love the colourful illustrations and identify with these adventurous superheroes.

Tune in as Michelle talks about her books & describes the main characters of both the books. She also talks about getting her first book contractwhat inspired her to become a writer, what lesson would she like young girls and boys take away from her books, what are a few of your latest titles, What are some of her upcoming projects & much more! Be sure to listen & enjoy!

Please visit Michelle’s website to know more about her books



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