Introducing “The Grossest Picture Book Ever” by Derek Taylor Kent

Introducing “The Grossest Picture Book Ever” by Derek Taylor Kent post thumbnail image

RWYK Author Interview with Derek Taylor Kent  – “The Grossest Picture Book Ever”

Hello ReadingWithYourKids family!!!

Our guest today is Derek Taylor Kent, a #1 best-selling, award-winning author and screenwriter based out Los Angeles, CA. Together with his wife, beloved children’s author Sheri Fink, he created the brand Whimsical World ( that publishes books, creates whimsical experiences, and magical merchandise.

Derek is joining us today on the Reading with Your Kids podcast to talk about his latest picture book that will have kids rolling with laughter, “The Grossest Picture Book Ever“.



About the Author


Where Online Can People Find More About Derek And His Books






The Grossest Picture Book Ever (For Kids who Love to Laugh. Ages 4 and up)

The Grossest Picture Book EverWelcome to the town of Gross! Here, grossness is just a way of life and everyone loves trying to outgross one another. Roar with laughter while picking up important environmental messages. And don’t forget to try our challenge at the end of the book. If you can read it out loud without laughing out loud, you win! No winners yet!

WARNING: If you experience laughter lasting more than four hours, consult your proctologist immediately. More at


Here is the amazon link to get your copy of The Grossest Picture Book Ever


In This Episode, Jed Asks Derek

  • Why do you think kids just love all things icky, yucky, and just plain gross?
  • Did you have any kind of hesitation when you decided to create “The Grossest Picture Book Ever”?
  • What inspired you to write for kids?
  • How did his teachers had a great influence into his career of writing for children?
  • What inspired Derek to write for kids and what kind of messages he wants readers to take away from his books?
  • More about Whimsical World, an empowering brand created by #1 best-selling authors and inspirational speakers, Sheri Fink and Derek Taylor Kent
  • What exciting things have you planned for the future? Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, and enjoy the interview!


A big thank you to Derek for joining us and for sharing his book & his passion with us!


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