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Reading With Your Kids Podcast Interview With Mohit Parikh


Today at Reading with Your Kids Podcast, we are joined by Mohit Parikh, author of a book Manan (Harper Collins). He was awarded a Toto Award for Creative Writing in 2015. His works have been published in many Indian and international literary journals including Griffith Review (Australia), Burrow Press Review (USA), Out of Print Magazine and The Indian Express (India).



Manan is a story of a young boy who has just hit puberty(in his case he has hit puberty late) and no one around him realises the problems that follow and he is left to deal with them by himself. It was the 23rd of April 1998. Manan, a young boy has acquired his first signs of puberty on this day. No one around him makes an effort to realise the magnitude of the moment. He is being teased by all sorts of temptations and does not know how to handle all of it on his own. His Friends are taller than him and they give him a complex and this is a very serious issue for him. His parents are always fighting and his sister does not have time for him anymore so family is out of the question. It gets worse because the person that Manan loves seems to not realise that he exists.

Tune in as Mohit talks about his book and shares that his personal experiences while growing up had inspired him to write Manan. The story of the book is something everyone can relate to as we all have faced the similar situations in the past. Every kid who has ever felt like they didn’t belong will relate to this story and Manan’s character. In this book, Mohit throws lights on various challenges a child goes thorough.

Stay tuned as Jed & Mohit discuss Puberty can be a challenging time for every child and as  Parents, one should establish a good communication with their child long before they hit puberty so that they trust them with every possible questions they may have during this difficult phase of their life. Be sure to listen!

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