Let’s Discover A Pickle in the Post by Scott Stuart!

Let’s Discover A Pickle in the Post by Scott Stuart! post thumbnail image

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RWYK Interview with Scott Stuart, author of A Pickle in The Post

Happy Thursday everyone! Please join us and Scott Stuart, author of the newly released delightful children’s picture book titled A Pickle in The Post on the Reading with Your Kids podcastA pickle in The Post is a hilarious story that follows the misadventures of Colin as he tries to post a present to his Grandpa, and learning that you are loved, no matter what. We loved everything about Scott’s beautifully written and fun book for kids, and we’re sure you will too.

Be sure to tune in as we discuss all about A Pickle in The Post,  inspiration behind the title, Importance of  Grandparents and grandchildren bond, Importance of children’s literature, Exclusive Sneak peek into Scott’s upcoming  children’s book and much more. Be sure to listen in & enjoy!


Get to know more about Scott Stuart

A Pickle in the Post by Scott StuartScott has, for as long as he can remember, been in love with the art of storytelling.

When his wife was heavily pregnant, Scott got struck by inspiration at 2 am in the morning and sat up and wrote for hours to create the first draft of “A Pickle in the Post”. Now, over 4 years & many hours later, that book is hitting the shelves!!

Scott lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife & son and is the author of “A Pickle in the Post” (that you’re about to pre-order, right?!), and the upcoming book “My Shadow’s Not Pink”.


More about A Pickle in the Post

A Pickle in the Post by Scott StuartIt’s Granddad’s birthday & Colin wants to send him a present in the mail… except in a massive mix up, Colin sends a Pickle instead!

Join the fun & imaginative adventure through the mailbox as Colin chases the pickle, meets the Postage Bunnies & learns that Grandads love their Grandkids, even when they get Pickles for their birthday!


Click the link below to buy your copy of A pickle in The Post today to inspire your kids to discover their own adventures in the mailbox and to start sending pickles to their Grandparents!





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In this episode,

  • You’ll hear Scott reading a page from his picture book A Pickle in The Post
  • How did Scott come up with the idea for this book and what inspired the title of his book
  • What was the hardest part about writing/illustrating this book?
  • Who’s the “perfect reader” for A Pickle in The Post
  • What does Scott hopes for his young readers take away from this story?
  • We discuss some of the interesting facts about his book, exclusive sneak peek into his next book and much more. Be sure to tune in to catch all the fun!


Scott, you rule. Thanks for doing this interview , best of luck with A Pickle in The Post!


Find out more about Scott and where to buy his books at

His website: www.apickleinthepost.com



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