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RWYK Interview with Denisha Alphonse – Author of “We Don’t Cry, We Try”

Hey RWYK family! It is our absolute pleasure to introduce another debut author Denisha Alphonse on the Reading with Your Kids Podcast. We’re thankful to Denisha for agreeing to do an interview with us so that we could find out more about her and her wonderful children’s book series We Don’t Cry, We Try.

In our exciting interview, Denisha talks more about We Don’t Cry, We Try : Play Your Horn, What inspired her to write this series, Some of the important things young readers can learn while enjoying her book, What are her future projects & much more. We’re sure you’ll enjoy reading about her book as we much enjoyed hearing about it!



Get to know Denisha Alphonse

Denisha AlphonseDenisha Alphonse believes that children need a lot of support when it comes to learning and always felt that she needed to find a way to be part of the learning process even if it wasn’t in a classroom environment.
As a mother of two young boys, Denisha understands how much patience is needed to teach children what they need to learn as they grow up. A small catchphrase such as “We Don’t Cry, We Try” is easy to get a child’s attention and redirect them from crying to listening and trying to do what is being asked. Denisha decided to put the phrase into a children’s book and hence being able to tie her passion for helping others and writing into one.


More about We Don’t Cry, We Try; Back to School

Don isn’t ready to go back to school without his toys. He learns with the use of the catch-phrase “We Don’t Cry, We Try” that school is for learning and he can play with his toys when he gets home.


More about We Don’t Cry, We Try : Play Your Horn

Don is learning to play an instrument, the cornet! Don is a growing boy who is getting old enough to start learning new things and how to conduct him-self in an ever-changing environment, but he gets stuck when he tries to reach his goals. Crying seems to come more natural than tackling the tasks that he encounters. He learns that with less tears and more effort; he can overcome his doubts and succeed. His parents and biggest supporters use the phrase “We Don’t Cry, We Try” to encourage Don to focus and be a big boy.


Buy your copy of We Don’t Cry, We Try : Play Your Horn to encourage your kids to try rather than be upset!



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