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Love and Accept Yourself with Disco Lance: A Conversation with Author Lori Kristen Kelly

Happy Sunday everyone,

In this juicy episode of the Reading with Your Kids podcast, we’re so excited and honored to have the amazingly talented author Lori Kristen Kelly! Lori, a children’s book author provided us with some super interesting insights into her newly released children’s picture book Disco Lance Loves to Dance.

We knew we needed to learn more about this amazing book as soon as possible. Luckily, Lori was more than willing to talk to us about her fantastic character Lance, what it’s like to write for children, and, of course, what can readers expect from her book and plans for future books.

In celebration of the release of Disco Lance Loves to Dance, we spoke to Lori about her writing journey, What her book is all about and the inspiration for her fantastic story. Tune in to learn more!


Here’s more information about Lori Kristen Kelly

Lori Kristen Kelly, author of Disco Lance Loves to DanceLori Kristen Kelly’s Donkey Ducks were brought to life when her then-5-year-old daughter, Sienna, asked her to draw a duck. Lori drew something which Sienna thought was a donkey, to which Lori answered: “It’s a donkey duck!”. And then, Donkey Ducks were born! Just like Disco Lance, Lori always felt like she was unique from the other kids growing up in elementary school. Always being tall and lanky, Lori got called names and was laughed at, just like Disco Lance. Lori turned what she thought was a disadvantage into an advantage when she worked as a fashion model in New York City and Italy. She wants to teach other children to use their uniqueness to their advantage, and also appreciate and learn from others’ uniqueness as well.


More about Disco Lance Loves to Dance

Love and Accept Yourself with Disco Lance!

Disco Lance Loves to Dance by Lori Kristen Kelly Disco Lance is funky disco donkey duck who loves to dance the Funk-A-Duck everywhere he goes. When Disco Lance brings his 70’s style and disco moves to school, he gets made fun of by all the other kids who think he’s different and strange. Although sad and lonely at times, Disco Lance loves who he is and doesn’t let the other kids persuade him to change his disco ways. Not only does he stand up for himself, but he teaches the other kids to love and accept themselves for who they are too. Everybody wins in this happy and victorious story.

Click the Amazon link below to grab your copy today!


In this episode, we discuss

  • More about Disco Lance Loves to Dance, the main character, and storyline
  • What was Lori’s inspiration for writing this book
  • What are some of the important lessons her book teaches to young children
  • Importance of accepting yourself and standing up to bullies
  • What kind of discussion families can have after reading her book
  • Importance of spending time with kids, What is Lori currently working on, future projects and more……Be sure to tune in for all the great insights!


A huge thank you to Lori Kristen Kelly for joining us and for sharing her fun little book with us!


Finally, where can we find Lori online?



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