Meet “Gilly the Grateful Superhero” by Ruth King!!

Meet “Gilly the Grateful Superhero” by Ruth King!! post thumbnail image


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RWYK Easter Special Episode Ft. Ruth King: Gilly the Grateful Superhero


Happy Easter everyone!

Easter is the day to be thankful for even the smallest of blessings we have been granted. The luxury of having a roof over one’s head that one can call home.  Easter s also a great time to remind our children to appreciate and value not just material things but appreciate family and everything around them. To celebrate, we have a very talented children’s books author, Ruth King on the Reading with Your Kids podcast. Ruth is joining us to talk about her wonderful debut picture book titled Gilly the Grateful Superhero!

Tune in to hear all about Gilly the Grateful Superhero, Ruth’s inspiration for writing this book, how her rhyming picture book for children teaches kids the importance of practicing gratitude and being thankful for everyone and everything!


Here’s some information about Ruth King

Ruth King, author of Gilly the Grateful SuperheroRuth King, an Irish mother of three, knows how to connect and inspire children through rhyming language and colorful imagery. Her passion and belief in practicing appreciation and gratitude within her own family was the inspiration for Gilly and Bobbie’s debut journey.

Ruth and her husband regularly work with various charity projects focusing on the support and education of the children of Honduras, a percentage of this book’s proceeds will go directly to these projects.

You can find all of the information regarding Ruth King and her book at


Gilly the Grateful Superhero: Teaching kids of all ages the power of gratitude!

Gilly the Grateful SuperheroBobbie is a little boy who isn’t very appreciative for the good things he has. One day, a special superhero named Gilly comes to visit. Gilly has a unique superpower to teach kids of all ages the importance of practicing gratitude and being thankful for everyone and everything.

Throughout the day, Gilly teaches Bobbie how to be thankful for all the blessings he has in his life, no matter how basic. From the food he eats, to the school he attends, and for his family and home, Bobbie learns to feel gratitude for it all.

Order a copy of Gilly the Grateful now!


In this interview, we discuss

  • What Gilly the Grateful Superhero is all about?
  • What inspired Ruth to write this picture book?
  • Why is being grateful important?
  • How does her book helps kids understand the power of gratitude?
  • What are some of the advantages of being grateful?
  • Ruth and her husband David is dedicated to help and contribute to the communities of Honduras with donations, building schools, building family homes and providing supplies of any kind to families in the most urgent of need.
  • She tells us that Proceeds from her book will go directly towards funding these projects so they can continue their great work for years to come.
  • Where can people find more information about Ruth and her book?


A big thank you to Ruth King for joining us and for sharing her wonderful, sweet little book with us!



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